The Business Ethics Pioneers (BEP) Oral History Project

by WGAdmin, September 25, 2023

Since the early 1970s, a group of trailblazers in business ethics, including academic scholars and corporate leaders, has embarked on a mission to expand intellectual and moral horizons. To preserve their invaluable legacy, along with the founders of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, we introduce The Business Ethics Pioneers oral history project.

This collection offers an exploration of the evolution of business ethics, spotlighting its founding visionaries and practitioners, and unveiling transformative ideas, revolutionary concepts, and best practices. The project presents comprehensive video interviews with over fifty pioneers, complemented by meticulously transcribed records now securely archived at the University of Illinois. Each interview offers a 40-60-minute journey into the intellectual and experiential landscapes of these remarkable individuals.

The project has embraced the digital realm, ensuring accessibility via YouTube. Our editing team has skillfully condensed each pioneer’s interview into approximately seven-minute segments suitable for various educational settings. These engaging interviews provide insight into the personal journeys of these pioneers as they navigated the complexities of business ethics, leaving an indelible mark in classrooms, boardrooms, corporate suites, scholarly publications, and public service. Explore this captivating journey on our YouTube channel:

The complete compilation of focused videos, unedited raw footage, and transcripts is accessible through the University of Illinois Library Archives and the Gies College of Business Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society, both affiliated with the University of Illinois. In our commitment to open knowledge sharing, we provide free public access to these invaluable resources, aiming to disseminate this wealth of knowledge from the classroom to the boardroom, fostering ethical awareness and a deeper appreciation of the subject.

This visionary project has been orchestrated by a distinguished team of experts, led by Professor Patricia Werhane from DePaul and UVa, Gretchen Winter, JD from the University of Illinois, Professor Elaine E. Englehardt from Utah Valley University, and Joan Dubinsky, a retired ethics officer from the UN. Adding to the project’s excellence, Shaun Mills from the University of Illinois, along with the skilled team of Adam Cook, Lucas Orton, and Jesse Pierce from Utah Valley University, have expertly crafted edited
videos of the pioneers. These edited videos can be accessed via YouTube, the University of Illinois, and the Philosophy Department at Utah Valley University. Embark on this journey, explore, learn, and be inspired by the business ethics pioneers.