SEAC Officers & Executive Committee

Below you can learn about the SEAC Leadership Team, comprising the President and Members of the Executive Committee. The Leadership Team is elected by the Society’s membership and all serve the Society without remuneration of any kind.

SEAC Officers

Elaine E. Englehardt - 1st term, until 12.31.21


Utah Valley University

Alan A. Preti - 1st term, until 12.31.22


Rosemont College

SEAC Executive Committee

Daniel E. Wueste - 2nd term, until 12.31.22

Clemson University

Donna Werner - 1st term, until 12.31.21

St Louis Community College, Meramec

Phyllis (Peggy) Vandenberg - 1st term, until 12.31.21

Grand Valley State University

Sandra L. Borden - 1st term, until 12.31.20

Western Michigan University

Jason Scott Robert - 2nd term, until 12.31.22

Arizona State University

Allison Cohen - 2nd term, until 12.31.22

Langley High School

David McGraw - 1st term, until 12.31.22

James Madison University

Qin Zhu - 1st Term, until 12.31.23

Colorado School of Mines

Web Master

Ariel M Sykes

Web Master

Kent Place School