The Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum

Mission of SEAC:

The purpose of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum (EAC) is to stimulate scholarship on ethics and the teaching of ethics in all academic disciplines and to afford an opportunity for the exchange of research and resources.

Our History:

In 1999 Utah Valley University received a Department of Education grant (FIPSE) to disseminate their Ethics Across the Curriculum program internationally by starting an organization and a journal.  The 24-year-old international organization is the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum.

The grant also funded a journal Teaching Ethics. Both entities continue to disseminate Ethics Across the Curriculum.

We are a warm and caring group with a variety of interests in ethics.

Benefits of Ethics Across the Curriculum:

  • We believe that every campus can and should have an EAC program. 
  • Each campus has its strengths.

It important and interesting to compare how ethics programs develop around the strengths of each of our campuses.

EAC Goals for Students:

  • Recognize the difference between a difficult problem and a moral decision.
  • Be prepared to analyze ethical problems and make life-altering moral decisions
  • Think critically about moral decisions.
  • Acquire some theoretical background and practical tools for dealing with ethical issues.

Helping Faculty:

  • Teach faculty, and thus students, to recognize and resolve ethical issues within their disciplines.
  • Increase ethics content in courses taught; integrate ethical issues in the classroom.
  • Help teachers become skilled in discussing ethical issues with their students.
  • Provide mentoring support and networking opportunities for participating faculty.
  • Assist faculty in developing and influencing the ethical framework in their own disciplines.