Congratulations to Donna Werner – 2022 Distinguished Service Recipient

by Ariel Sykes, October 4, 2022

The SEAC  Distinguished Service Award 2022 award recognize persons who have distinguished themselves as members of SEAC.

Donna Werner joined SEAC in 2000. At the time, she was a PhD student and also served as Assistant Director for The Ethics Across the Curriculum program at Saint Louis University. She joined the faculty at St Louis Community College in 2002 and continued as an active member in SEAC. She presented regularly at SEAC conferences and/or served as chair for sessions between 2000 and 2016; she co-directed the SEAC Conference in St Louis in 2011; served as Secretary-Treasurer from 2006-2016 and served on the Executive Committee from 2018-2021.

As Secretary-Treasurer, she was responsible for accounting duties as well as maintaining membership records. She facilitated the blind submission process for the conference each year. She handled all financial matters related to the annual conference, and she oversaw the election process.  She maintained records for journal subscriptions.  During her tenure, she completed necessary paperwork to achieve 501c3 status for the organization and she worked to transition the responsibility for maintaining membership records, subscription records, and the coordination of conference finances to PDC.

At STLCC, she has been active on a number of campus and district committees and she served in a number of administrative roles including as Interim Dean of Humanities (2006-2007), Interim Dean of Business (2007-2008), Interim Dean of Science and Technology (2008), Humanities Chair (2008-2013), and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (2014-2016).

While at SLU, Donna co-edited (with John Kavanaugh, SJ) What’s Ethics Got To Do With It? (Saint Louis University Press, 2001). In addition, she served as Program Director for a SLU grant proposal that secured $2.0 million dollars from Lilly Endowment.  Donna’s most recent publication is “On the Dark Side: Lessons Learned as Interim Dean,” in the Ethical  Challenges of Academic Administration, edited by E. Englehardt, et al (2010). She received the Emerson Award for Excellence in Teaching (2010), was a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University (2012) and received the Faculty Lecture Award (the most prestigious teaching award at STLCC) in 2014.