October 7th to 9th 2010

12th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum


Union College

Schnectady, New York



Bob Baker

Michael B. Mathias


THURSDAY, October 7th

12:00-1:00 Registration (Old Chapel)


1:00-1:15 Greetings (Old Chapel)


1:15-2:15 Plenary 1 (Old Chapel):

Evolution of Ethics Across the Curriculum — Elaine Englehardt & Wade Robison


2:30-3:15 Concurrent Session I

Room A: General EAC (Hale House Dining Room)

Cliff Guthrie, “Ethics in General Education: A Preliminary Study”

Timothy Shiell, “Planning for Success: A Discussion of EAC Methods and Programs”

Room B: Issues in Bioethics (Everest)

Tim Madigan, “When a Body Meets a Body: The Ethics of Displaying Human Cadavers”

Wade Robison, “Error-provocative Designs in Medical Practice”


3:15-3:45 Break (Old Chapel)


3:45-4:30 Concurrent Session 2

Room A: Ethics in Literature (Hale House Dining Room)

Anastasia Pease, “Teaching Bioethics in Literature Courses”

Jeremy Wisnewski, “Teaching Animal Welfare Through Literature”

Room B: Issues in Bioethics (Old Chapel)

Elaine Englehardt & Michael Pritchard, “Trustworthy Opponents: The Belmont Commission”

Stephen Satris, “Physician-Assisted Suicide”


4:45-5:30 Concurrent Session 3

Room A: Research Ethics (Old Chapel)

Kim Skoog, “Morality of Ethnic Profiling in Biomedical Research”

Howard Curzer, “Principles of Animal, Environmental, and Ecological Research Ethics”

Room B: Environmental Ethics (Humanities Room 116)

Jamie Watson, Danae Turchyn, & Nathan Eric Dickman, “Teaching Environmental Ethics”


5:30-6:30 Cocktails (Hale House Dining Room)


6:30 Banquet/Presidential Address (Hale House Dining Room)


FRIDAY, October 8th

All sessions are in the College Park Inn.


8:00-9:00 Registration/Breakfast (Entryway in front of ballroom)


9:00-10:00 Plenary 2 (Ballroom A-B):

Evolution of Bioethics — Bob Baker


10:15-11:00 Concurrent Session 4

Room A: Business Ethics (Ballroom C)

Martin Lecker, “Teaching Philosophical Decision Making”

Barbara Desautels (and students), “Business Ethics Class”

Room B: Issues in Bioethics (M102A)

Stephen Scales, “Neuroethical Perspectives on Addiction: Craving, Compulsion, Coercion and Responsibility”

Jeffrey Thomas, “Ethics in Emergency Medical Services”


11:15-12:00 Concurrent Session 5

Room A: Bioethics and the Humanities (Ballroom C)

  1. Carmela Epright, “Bridging the Humanities and Social Sciences Through Medicine”

Ralph Didlake & William Lawhead, “A Student Fellowship in Bioethics: A Novel Approach to Bridging Medicine and the Humanities”

Room B: Nature of Practical Ethics (M102A)

Bernard Gert, “The Need for a Comprehensive Usable Systematic Account of Morality”

Louis Tietje & Steven Cresap, “The Necessity of Relativism”


12:00-1:00 Box/Bag Lunch (Cafeteria/Servery)


1:00-1:45 Concurrent Session 6

Room A: Nature of Practical Ethics (Ballroom C)

Elaine Englehardt & Michael Pritchard, “Thomas Reid on Practical Ethics”

Stanley Konecky, “Ethics is Ethics”

Room B: Learning Communities – Bioethics (M102A)

Lawrence Torcello, “Death and the Living: A Learning Community in Gross Anatomy and Bioethics”

Cynthia Jones, “Minds, Neurons, and Ethics Across the Curriculum”

Room C: Ethics Education and Patient Confidentiality (M107)

Shira Richman, “Making the Familiar Strange and the Strange Familiar: An Approach to Ethics Education”

Marcia Kurzynski, “A Lack of Prudence: Protecting Patient Confidentialit — New Concerns”


2:00-2:45 Concurrent Session 7

Room A: Bioethics Pedagogy (Ballroom C)

Brian Barnes, “Teaching Bioethics”

Janine Idziak & Fred Schnee, “Cluster Courses as a Model for Teaching Bioethics in Science”

Room B: General Medical Ethics Education (M102A)

Adam Potthast, “The Not-So-Great Healthcare Debate of 2009-2010”

Naomi Dreisinger, “Needs Based Assessment of Ethics Education in Emergency Department Physicians”

Room C: Panel on Union College’s EAC Program (M107)


2:45-3:15 Break (Entryway in front of ballroom)


3:15-4:00 Workshop/Concurrent Session 8

Room A: Pedagogy: Science and Engineering Ethics (Ballroom C)

Doug Chismar, “Goodbye, Humans! Contemplating the Elimination of the Human Species as a Teaching Tool”

Ashraf Ghaly, “Teaching Applied Ethics within Technological and Societal Contexts”

Room B: General Pedagogy (M102A)

Ron Roach (Panel), “Varied Approaches for Teaching Ethics and Bioethics Across the Curriculum”

Room C: Workshop on Publishing Outside One’s Discipline (Elaine Englehardt, Michael Pritchard, & Sean Philpott) (M107)


4:15-5:00 Workshop/Concurrent Session 9

Room A: Interdisciplinarity (Ballroom C)

Amy Campbell, Susan Bastable, & Robert Daly, “A Model for Interdisciplinary Education across Professions and Institutions”

Room B: Geneeral Ethics Pedagogy (M102A)

William L. Blizek, “Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum Using Film)

Jason Grinnell, “Teaching Abstractions with Abstracts”

Room C: Workshop on Publishing Outside One’s Discipline (Elaine Englehart, Michael Pritchard, Sean Philpott) (M107)

Dinner on your own (Reservations have been made ate several local restaurants to help conference attendees in selecting a place for dinner.)


SATURDAY, October 9th

All sessions are in the College Park Inn.


8:00-9:00 Registration/Breakfast (Entryway in front of ballroom)


9:00-9:45 Concurrent Session 11

Room A: EAC at Medical school (Ballroom C)

Ralph Didlake, Robin Rockhold, & Sondra Redmont Floyd, “Professionalism Across the Curricula of an Academic Medical Center”

Alexander Scholoss, “Nursing and Dental Students – Can We Find Common Ground Through Ethics?”

Room B: Pedagogy: Science and Engineering Ethics (Room 102A)

Cortney Holles, “Nature and Human Values: An Interdisciplinary Model”

Donna Duberg, “Incorporating Ethics and Professional Values into a Clinical Laboratory Science Curriculum”


10:00-10:45 Concurrent Session 12

Room A: Criminal Justice & Critical Thinking (Ballroom C)

Nick Braune, “Police Ethics Issue Requiring Interdisciplinary Work”

Jeff Buechner, “Workshop on Critical Thinking and Ethical Reasoning”

Room B: Ethics Education in Healthcare Professions (Room 102A)

Bette Manter, “Just Give Me the Right Answer! The Challenge of Teaching Bioethics to Nursing Students”

Joan Whitman Hoff, “Collaborative Approaches to Teaching and Learning

about Ethical Issues in the Health Care Professions”


10:45-11:15 Break (Entryway in front of ballroom)


11:15-12:00 Concurrent Session 13

Room A: General EAC (Ballroom C)

Laura Arcila Villa, “Ethics and Professional Competence”

Carl Mitcham, “Ethics Across Campus: Ethics as Interdisciplinarity”

Room B: General Ethics Pedagogy (Room 102A)

Peggy Vandenberg, “Student Self-Reflection in a Professional Ethics Course”

Robert Muhlnickel, “What’s an Ethics Teacher to do About Psychological Egoism? Teaching Ubuntu”

12:00-1:00 Lunch (Ballroom A-B) — Closing Remarks (Bob Baker & Michael Mathias) and SEAC Business Meeting (Dan Wueste)


Funded by:

  • The Ethics Center at Utah Valley State College
  • Dr. James Dale Ethics Center at Youngstown State University
  • The Ezra A. Hale Chair in Applied Ethics at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Updated September 24, 2010