October 14th to 17th 1999

Philosophical Issues in Ethics Across the Curriculum

Rochester Institute of Technology October 14-17, 1999 Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science Auditorium (1125)

Thursday, October 14th

How do we actually do Ethics Across the Curriculum?

1:30-3 Robert Baum (University of Florida) Getting Down to REAL Cases: the Devil is in the Details Commentator: Douglas Chismar (Chowan College)

3-4 Finding Your Niche: A Typography of Ethics Across the Curriculum Programs Lawrence Hinman (University of San Diego)

4-5 In medicine? Ethics in medical school? Marjorie Clay (U-Mass Med School) What is the Best Combination? Jeffrey Spike (University of Rochester)

5-6 In film and classics? Discovering Ethics through Film-as-Art J. Stanley Yake (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) Ethics Across the Curriculum in the Teaching of Classics R. Jay Wood (Loyola of Chicago)

Friday, October 15th

8:30-10 In business? Business Ethics Stephen Satris (Clemson) Philosophical Challenges: Integration of Ethics in Business School Laura Hartman (Wisconsin)

10-11 Through debate and in ecology? “Sophistry No More”: The Efficacy of Intercollegiate Debate in Ethics Pedagogy Scott Stroud (University of the Pacific) Subverting the Dualism of Theory and Practice: Deep ecology as a cross-curricular model Frank W. Derringh (New York City Technical College)

11:12:30 FIPSE panel: how are we doing it now? Elaine Englehardt (Utah Valley State College) Maura O’Neill (Chaffey College) David Ozar (Loyola of Chicago) Wade Robison (RIT) Do we need ethical theory, or what?

2-3 Yes! Metaethics Across the Curriculum Stephan Scales (Towson University) The Demise of Ethical Monism Philip Schneider (Coast Carolina University)

3-4 No, Organic nature of ethical concerns to the professions Bill Rhodes (Air Force Academy) but do need ethical skills Ethics Across the Curriculum: A practice-based approach James Donahue (Georgetown)

4-5 We really need philosophers Ought “Applied Ethics” Be Taught by Philosophers? One Philosopher’s Assessment David Basinger (Roberts Wesleyan) with more than knowledge of ethics Philosophy Across the Curriculum? A Categorical Imperative! (David Keller (Utah Valley State College)

5-6:30 But ethical theory comes from practice James Wallace (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Social Artifacts and Ethical Criticism Commentator: Richard Kaufman (Ithaca College)

7 Banquet (restricted to conference speakers) Thomas L. Benson (President, Green Mountain College) Integrity and the Integrative Community

Saturday, October 16th

What do we get out of it?

8:30-10 David Ozar (Loyola of Chicago) Practical Ethics and Educational Outcomes Commentator: Lisa Newton (Fairfield University)

10-11 Core courses Teaching Ethical Theories in a University Core Course Santiago Sia (Loyola Marymount) Ethical Issues and Normative Perspectives Ed Langerak (St. Olaf’s)

11-12 Core courses (continued) The Sophomore Core Richard E. Hart (Bloomfield College) And philosophy’s playing a central role Assessing Philosophy’s Humanity Susan A. Martinelli-Fernandez (Western Illinois)

1:30-3:30 The role of teachers then changes. Curriculum Travels: Instructor as Travel Guide Jeanne E. Sokolec (Loyola University) As does our conception of reason The Market and the Ivory Tower: Passion and Reason Eleanor Wittrup (University of the Pacific) and the point of teaching philosophy The Entwining of Theory and Practice Robert V. Hannaford

3:30-5 And the nature of philosophy Michael S. Pritchard (Western Michigan University) Practical Ethics and Philosophical Reflection Commentator: Dan Wueste (Clemson)

Sunday, October 17th

9-10 Do we need practical knowledge, and what kinds of problems can occur? Teaching Ethics in a Multicultural Environment Kim Skoog (University of Gaum) Gender and Ethics Across the Curriculum Anne J. Mamary (SUNY Cortland)

10-11 If we need ethical theory, how can we teach it? Philosophical Issues in Teaching Ethics Mary J. Gennuso (CUNY) Philosophy and Meaning: The Boiling of Water Joe Wixom (UVSC)

11-12:30 We need practical knowledge Variations in Functional Norms across the Professions J-C Smith (Youngstown State) if we are understand practical ethical problems Conflict of Interest: How to Serve Two Masters? Craig Walton (Nevada-Las Vegas)

For detailed information about accommodations and directions, see www.rit.edu/ethics, or contact Wade Robison at wlrgsh@rit.edu or (716) 475-6643. Directed by Elaine Englehardt (UVSC), Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez (Youngstown State University), and Wade Robison (RIT) Sponsored by The New York Council for the Humanities The Ethics Center at Utah Valley State College Dr. James Dale Ethics Center at Youngstown State University The Provost & the Ezra A. Hale Chair in Applied Ethics at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and FIPSE.