November 15th to 17th 2007

9th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum


Milltown Institute

National University of Ireland

Dublin, Ireland



Santiago Sia

Wade Robison


THURSDAY, November 15th

1:45-2 Opening remarks

2-5:45 Concurrent Session A: Ethics Across the Curriculum

 Lecture Theatre

Chair: Douglas Chismar (Ringling College of Art & Design)

2 Prof. Annabel Beerel (Southern New Hampshire University)

Ethics Boot Camp 101

2:50 Dr. Anastasia Pease & Prof. Robert Baker (Union College)

Designing an Ethics Across the Curriculum Program

3:45-4 Refreshments

4 Prof. Elaine Engelhardt (Utah Valley State College)

Implementing Ethics Across the Curriculum

4:50 Dr. Mario Martinez (Institute of Biocognitive Psychology)

The Biocognition of Personal Ethics

2-5:45 Concurrent Session B: Theory and Practice

 Conference Room

Chair: Michael Davis (Illinois Institute of Technology)

2 Prof. Philip Patterson (Oklahoma Christian University)

Promise and Pitfalls: Case Studies and the Teaching of Ethics

2:50 Dr. Stephen Scales (Towson University)

Connectionism and Ethics

 3:45-4 Refreshments

4 Benignus Ndubuisi (unaffiliated)

 Giving Non-European Nationals the Opportunity to Teach

4:50 Dr. Luison Lassala (Anchor Youth Centre, Dublin)

The ethical implications of on-line social networks like MySpace & Bebo

5:45 Dinner, on one’s own

7-8:30 Session C: Ethics in the Schools

 Lecture Theatre

7 Opening remarks

Dr. Garrett FitzGerald

Chancellor, National University of Ireland

Panel: Ethics in the Schools

Chair: Dr. Tony Hanna (Director, Educational Services, Marino Institute of Education, Dubiln)

Modeling Good Conduct

Prof. Susan Martinelli-Fernandez (Western Illinois University)

Ethics in Science Education

Prof. Michael Pritchard (Western Michigan University)

Moral Children

Prof. Wade Robison (Rochester Institute of Technology)



FRIDAY, November 16th

8:30-1 Concurrent Session D: Media Ethics

 Conference Room

Chair: Elaine Englehardt (Utah Valley State College)

8:30 Prof. Patricia Johnson & Dr. Kathleen Watters (University of Dayton)

Care Ethics and Nurturing of Public Discourse

9:30 Dr. Dan Wueste (Clemson University)

What’s This I Hear About Ethics in the Fourth Estate?

10:30 Coffee break

11 Dr. Douglas Chismar (Ringling College of Art & Design)

Teaching Ethics Using Political Rhetoric

12 Nick Braune (South Texas College)

An Ethics Conflict between the Media and the Criminal Justice System

8:30-1 Concurrent Session E: Theory and Practice Room III

Chair: Joe Casey (Milltown Institute)

8:30 Dr. John Ivers Sr. (Brigham Young University-Idaho), John Ivers Jr. (Clark County School

District, Las Vegas), Nathaniel Ivers (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Cross-Cultural Instruction and Self-Examination

9:30 Kevin O’Reilly (Milltown Institute)

Personhood and the Ethics of Current Educational Policy

10:30 Coffee break

11 Dr. Arthur Grant (Robert Morris University)

A Dramatistic Approach to Teaching Ethics across the Curriculum

12 Prof. Susan Martinelli-Fernandez (Western Illinois University)

Autonomy and Collaboration

8:30-1 Concurrent Session F: Medical Ethics

 Lecture Theatre

Chair: Donna Werner (St. Louis Community College at Meramec)

9:30 Dr. Jeanne Sokolec (Loyola University of Chicago)

Healthcare for the Undocumented

10:30 Coffee break

11 Prof. Lisa Newton (Fairfield University)

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research: The Dance of the Overseers

12 Amanda Hayes (Waterford Institute of Technology)

 Personhood in a Biotechnical Age

1 Lunch, on your own

2-6:15 Concurrent Session G: Medical Ethics (Continued)

 Lecture Theatre

Chair: Dr. Kieran Cronin (Milltown Institute)

2 Prof. Kim Skoog (University of Guam)

The Ethics of Genetic-Research on Indigenous Populations

3 James Murphy (Milltown University)

 The relevance of non-psychological views of the person to bio-ethics

4 Coffee break

4:15 Prof. Robert Baker (Union College)

A Code of Ethics for Bioethicists

5:15 Prof. Bernard Gert (Dartmouth College)

Moral theory and Bioethics

2-6:15 Concurrent Session H: Engineering Ethics

 Conference Room

Chair: Prof. Bill Maker (Clemson University)

2 Prof. Michael Davis & Kathryn Riley (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Ethics across Graduate Engineering Curriculum

3 Dr. Kristyn Masters & Prof. Sarah Pfatteicher (University of Wisconsin)

Fostering Moral Imagination in Engineering

4 Coffee break

4:15 Jessica Rachel Sheehan (University of Virginia)

Shortcomings in Engineering Ethical Education

5:15 Prof. Robert Skovira (Robert Morris University)

ABET and Moral Reasoning

2-6:15 Concurrent Session I: Theory and Practice

 Room III

Chair: Dr. Jeanne Sokolec (Loyola University of Chicago)

2 Dr. Mateja Pevec Rozman (Academic & Research Network of Slovenia)

 MacIntyre on Virtue and Knowledge

3 Dr. Heike Schmidt-Felzmann (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Service learning in a postgraduate ethics programme

4 Coffee break

4:15 Dr. John Mizzoni (Neumann College)

 Global Climate Change and Sustainable Business

5:15 Dónal O’Mathúna (Dublin City University)

 Using Songs in Teaching Ethics

6:15 Dinner, on your own


SATURDAY, November 17th

8:30-1 Session J: Ethics and the School Curriculum

 Lecture Theatre

Chair: Prof. Aine Hyland (Vice President & Professor of Education, University College, Cork)

8:30 Dr. Jeffrey Fernsten (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Dr. Linda Fernsten (Dowling

College), Dr. Mary Reda (College of Staten Island-City University of New York)

The Ethics of Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum

9:30 Dr. Ruth Kelly & Prof. Susan Martinelli-Fernandez (Western Illinois University)

Character Education in Public Schools

10:30-11 Coffee Break

11 Dr. Deborah Mower (Youngstown State University)

Teaching Ethics via Sympathy

12 Prof. Michael Pritchard (Western Michigan University)

Science Education and Moral Leadership

Lunch, on your own

2-5:15 Concurrent Session K: Drama and Theater

 Lecture Theatre

Chair: Prof. Susan Martinelli-Fernandez (Western Illinois University)

2 Prof. Bill Maker (Clemson University)

“If They Move: Kill ‘Em”: What Can We Learn From the Bad Guys of the Movies?

3 Dr. Joe Casey (Milltown Institute) 

Ethics in A Man for All Seasons

4-4:15 Coffee break

4:15 Presidential Address

Dr. Dan Wueste (Clemson University)

Unintended Consequences and Responsibility

5:15 Business meeting, open to all

 Lecture Theatre

7 Banquet


Funded by:

  • The Milltown Institute, National University of Ireland
  • The Ethics Center at Utah Valley State College
  • Dr. James Dale Ethics Center at Youngstown State University
  • The Ezra A. Hale Chair in Applied Ethics at the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • FIPSE, the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education