November 12th to 14th 2009

11th Annual Conference

Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester New York


Thursday, November 12th — All sessions are in the Liberal Arts Building (Bldg. 6)

2-8 Registration in the Faculty Lounge, Liberal Arts (6-1251)

4-5:30 Invited Address (6-A205, in basement)

Dr. William Astore

Civility: First Refuge of the Patriot?

5:30-7 Dinner: a casual dinner at Crossroads, on campus, on your own

7-8 Concurrent Session 1

A Kim Skoog (6-3214)

Plotting a course of civility in the growing global economic crisis:

where lies our obligations in helping the poor vs. ourselves?

B Richard McGowan (6-3225)

Civic Responsibility and the Necessity of Hope

C Shane Ralston (6-3232)

Teaching Democratic Citizenship and Civility in the Classroom:

Five Lessons from Dewey’s Democracy and Education

8-9:30 Reception & cash bar, Student Alumni Union, 1829 room

A civil discussion of civility, hosted by Lisa Newton


Friday, November 13th — All sessions are in the Liberal Arts Building, Bldg. 6.

8-10 Registration, in the Faculty Lounge, Liberal Arts (6-1251)

9-12 Concurrent Session 2 — Engineering ethics and narratives (6-A201, in basement)

A Jun Fudano, Fumihiko Tochinai, & Kenichi Natsume

Engineering Ethics Education through Values-Sharing

B Christina Matta, Laura Grossenbacher, & Joseph Herkert

Macroethics in the Engineering Classroom

C Ron Roach, Tim Moore, Adam Neal, & Michael Elrod

Homo sapiens or Homo narrans? Teaching Ethics, Citizenship, and Civility

through Walter Fisher’s Narrative Program

9-12 Concurrent Session 3 — Ethics Across the Curriculum (6-3214)

A Joan Whitman Hoff & Marcia J. Kurzynski

Teaching Citizenship and Civility

B Kimberly Peer & Gretchen Schlabach

Uncovering the Moral Compass: An Integrated Ethics Education Approach

Transcending the Curriculum

C Joseph Herkert, Mary Jane C. Parmentier, & Jeffrey Thomas

Lincoln Ethics Teaching Fellows Program at the ASU Polytechnic Campus

9-12 Current Session 4 (6-3215)

A Alan Tomhave

Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship

B Laura Arcila-Villa

Cosmopolitanism and Civility

C Robert Halliday

Ivy Halls and I.V. Drips: Ethics and Civility in the Classroom

and in Public Philosophy

12-1 Lunch, on your own, in the Student Alumni Union Cafeteria

1-6 Concurrent Session 5 (6-A201, in basement)

A Paul Gaffney

Competition in the Classroom: An Ideal for Civility

B Paul Ecksein

Conflict and Consensus-Building in a Sometimes Uncivil Society

C Matthew Maruggi

Through Solidarity to Fluidarity: Service-Learning and Spiritual and

Social Conscience Development

D Nathaniel J. Brown & Anji E. Wall

Vocation and Service Learning: Fostering Citizenship through an

Informatics Curriculum

E Craig Titus

Designing Ethics Curriculum: Teaching and Assessing Moral Decision Making

in a Service-Learning Design Course

1-7 Concurrent Session 6 (6-A205, in basement)

A Cynthia Jones

Robot Ethics and Teaching Ethics

B Heather Matthusen

Pagans, Evangelicals, and Civil Discourse: Teaching Philosophy of Religion

in the South

C Katherine Meacham, Robert (Barry) Sharpe, Alan B. Smith, & John W. Wells

Civility and Citizenship at a Baptist College in the South

D Megan Laverty

Civility and the Banality of Good

E Hallie Liberto

Teaching Sexual Civility: On the Moral Demands of Sex Education

Ignored by Liberals and Conservatives Alike

F Stephen Satris


1-7 Concurrent Session 7 (6-3215)

A Elaine Englehardt & Michael Pritchard

Moral Psychology: Normative and Empirical

B Cliff Guthrie

Teaching the Moral Emotions

C Doug Chismar

Passionate Civility: Balancing Emotional Intensity and Rational Discourse

D Donna Schaeffer

“Unwired” for Compassion: The Ethics of Care, Civility and Citizenry in the

Global, Digital World

E Andrew Terjesen

Civility and Magnanimity

F Stephen Scales

Philosophy and Civility in the Age of Jerry Springer

7 Banquet, Student Alumni Union cafeteria

Presidential Address, Dan Wueste


Saturday, November 14th — All sessions are in the Glasano Building, Bldg. 70.

9-12 Concurrent Session 8 — Civility (70-3435)

A William Frey, Jose Curz, Aury M. Curbelo-Ruiz, & Halley D. Sanchez

EAC Toolkit

B John Ahrens

Encouraging Civic Discourse in a Most Unlikely Place

C Kristin P. Schaupp

“You think what?” Rational and Civil Disagreement in the Philosophy Classroom

9-12 Concurrent Session 9 — Performance, testing, and learning to listen (70-3445)

A David White

Performance Learning as Education for Citizenship

B Howard Curzer

Neo-Neo-Kolbergianism and the DIT-3

C Mark Clark

Ethical Listening and the Civility of the Doctor-Patient Interaction

9-12 Concurrent Session 10 — Outreach (70-3455)

A William D. Lawson, Katherine A. Austin, Bryon Newberry, Greta Gorsuch, & Thomas J. Darwin

Overcoming acculturation barriers to ethics education for international engineering graduate

students: an integrative approach

B Anastasia Pease

“I am here to make friends”: Teaching Civility to the Reality TV Generation of Digital Natives

C Katie J. Biggie & Mara B. Huber

Developing Civic Pathways: A University Model

12-1 Lunch, on your own, Crossroads suggested

1-6 Concurrent Session 11 — Civility (70-3435)

A Stanley Konecky

Civility Is Not Enough

B James (Jed) Donelan

Deliberative Dialogue, Ethics and Citizenship: From Theory through

the Classroom to Practice

C Timothy Shiell

Debunking Three Myths about Civility

D Jeanne Sokolec

Legislating Civility in the Classroom

E Kathryn Russell

Summer Ethics Institute at SUNY Cortland: Faculty Development

1-6 Concurrent Session 12 — Business Ethics and Communication (70-3445)

A Charlotte McDaniel

Ethics Debates: Ethics, Congruency, and Context

B Richard McGowan, Matt McGowan, Garry McGowan

Relativism and the Teaching of Business Ethics

C Charles F. Piazza

The Business Professional as Global Citizen: A Communitarian and

Character Ethics Perspective

D Kathleen Szczepanek

Business Ethics: How to Develop Ethical Awareness and Introspection

in our Students

E Alice L. Crume

Ethics Taught, Ethics Learned, and Ethics Practiced

1-6 Concurrent Session 13 — Reasoning, Writing, Socrates and others (70-3455)

A Jeff Buechner

Authentic Civic Participation Requires Critical Thinking Methods That Work

B Maureen Barry & Sybil R. Ishman

Sowing the Seeds of Academic Integrity in Writing Assignments

C Timothy J. Madigan

Socrates: Super Patriot, Cynic, Anarchist or Critical Citizen?

D Mel Brandon

Teaching Deliberative Democracy: Social Security, Global Warming,

and Health Care Reform

E Nick Braune

Erich Fromm’s Civics: Cultivating the Virtue of Disobedience

6 Business meeting, Student Alumni Union, 1829 Room, followed by a casual dinner and discussion


Thanks to generous funding by:

  • The Ethics Center at Utah Valley University
  • Dr. James Dale Ethics Center at Youngstown State University
  • The Ezra A. Hale Chair in Applied Ethics at the Rochester Institute of Technology